Italian Architecture

When it comes to modern and contemporary residential architecture, Bologna is among the countries famous cities in Italy. It is also well-known for its natural landscape that includes rolling hills, dense forests and different types of landscapes. For many architects working here, the natural landscape and other artistic expressions are considered as an important role in the creation of a certain type of architecture. Bologna architects have a unique way of looking at things, and this is one of the main reasons why they are being hired by many big companies and private individuals. In fact, a lot of Bologna architects were trained and learned under famous architects like Bruno Simeon who was also an influential contemporary architect.

Architetti a Miami Beach | Houzz

The best thing about working with Bologna architects is that they provide you with a great living environment that is both comfortable and soothing. Most of the residential projects constructed in Bologna have very interesting designs and some of them are even located on top of beautiful mountains that gives the place a great scenic view. However, the most popular buildings that can be seen in most of these buildings are office buildings that provide comfortable working environments to people who work from home or take up a small office to make a living.

The other most famous Italian architect that worked in Bologna is the famous sculptor and designer Marciano. He was born in Bergamo and received his formal training at the famous Bosano school. His career as an architect started after he graduated from the school and he ended up creating several buildings in the city including the church of San Vitale. A few of the buildings he designed are: Sant’ Antonino Hotel & Spa, Santa Maria Novella, Sanremo San Vicente, Santerretto and Baroque Cycle.

There are many famous Italian architects that designed hotels in Bologna, but the most popular of all time is probablyucciami which was built by the famous Aloysio Otton. Other notable Italians that worked on this project include Gabriele da Caparica, Giorgio Cavalli, Luciano & Orlando Piano and Giancarlo da Montorsi. The famous architect and developer of the modern day Milan is Ferran Colon who also worked on the famous Hoteliga in Bologna. Another great Italian architect who worked on this project is Paolo Albicans who also worked on the famous Serra Gelato Garden in Bologna. These buildings were designed by many different Italian architects but the best ones who came from Italy are Albicans, Colon, Corning, Silviarelli and Duran.

After World War II, there was a complete lack of italian influenced architecture in Bologna and most of the old buildings were made of tiled and cement. The new and contemporary look of Bologna was achieved by incorporating modern and stylish Bologna architects into the design of the buildings and the architecture. Since most of the buildings had been destroyed during World War II, it became necessary to build new ones, but still retained the characteristic characteristics of the italian style.

Today Bologna is known for many things. It is one of the most popular cities in Italy, it has a nice selection of holiday villas, apartments, countryside homes and even castles for the tourists to choose from. Bologna also plays a major role in Italy’s food and wine as well as being a very popular tourist destination and place to go to. Bologna was also named the city of the year “best city in the world” by “The Times” of London, in 2021.

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